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Once upon a time, there were two brothers named Arjun and Rohan who lived in a small village. Arjun was the elder brother and he was very protective of Rohan. They grew up together and did everything together. They were very close and shared a special bond.

Story of Kisi Ka Bhai Ki Jaan Movie 2023 by Salman Khan 

One day, a group of goons came to the village and started causing trouble. They were demanding money from the villagers and threatening them. Arjun, being a brave and responsible brother, decided to take matters into his own hands and confront the goons. He tried to reason with them, but they were not willing to listen.

In the meantime, Rohan had fallen in love with a girl named Sita. Sita was from a neighboring village and her family was also being threatened by the same group of goons. Rohan and Sita decided to elope and get married, but the goons found out and chased them.

Arjun, who was still trying to negotiate with the goons, saw his brother and Sita being chased. He knew he had to do something to save them. He fought the goons with all his might and managed to save Rohan and Sita. However, during the fight, Arjun got seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital.


Rohan and Sita were devastated to see Arjun in such a state. They knew they owed their lives to him and decided to take care of him until he recovered. Arjun slowly recovered, but he was not the same person anymore. He had suffered a severe injury to his head, which affected his memory and behavior.

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Rohan and Sita had to take care of Arjun and ensure that he was safe and healthy. They did everything in their power to help him recover, but it was a long and difficult process. In the end, Arjun did recover, but he was left with a permanent scar on his head and a new perspective on life.

Arjun realized that life was precious and that he was lucky to have a brother like Rohan and a friend like Sita. He learned to appreciate the little things in life and not take anything for granted. The story of “Kisi ka Bhai Kisi ki Jaan” teaches us the importance of family, love, and sacrifice.

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